General Questions

We can receive the payments for the orders via any of the three options: money order, check or wire transfer.

We ask you to place an advance deposit of as low as your first order to get started and which allows you to buy the relevant items.

Account balance: you should always be in a “positive balance” with us so that we can always go ahead and drop ship the orders generated for your clients. Once your account balance is not positive (no funds) we will not be able to continue with further shipping of your orders.

MailOrderProcessing is only specializing in the drop shipping solutions. We take care of delivering the goods to your customers’ doorstep! You have the ultimate control over providing your customer with customer care, offer processing & payment gateways and contacting your clients. Remember – You manage your business and we work for you! If your customers have questions regarding their order, product specifications, shipping status, etc. you can direct their question to us at We respect your ownership and will not be in touch with your customers unless you choose our customer care solutions and prefer to let us support your customers.
MailOrderProcessing indicates you a minimum selling price that cannot be changed and gives a recommendation for the retail price; it is the Recommended Retail price. You can choose any price that is above the minimum. Though you can choose the selling price, make sure you are not too much above the market to remain competitive!
No we do not need an agreement to start work with you as all orders are received on the basis of advance payment and do not need any of your confidential information.
MailOrderProcessing administrative interface and products catalog description & details are in English. You can translate, edit or adjust the products description to other languages on your own website.
In your site you are free to sell our products in your preferred currency and promote our products with your chosen marketing methods, however, we accept your payments only in US$.
We monitor, adjust and update our products stocks and units on a daily bases, we also use safe levels in order to make sure products will be available. However due to the market forces outside our control, we cannot give guarantee that all the products will always be in stock.
We add products as soon as we find any good products so you can easily gain an advantage in the market by knowing that you have access to the latest products to hit the market. There is no limit to the amount of products you can download from the catalog.
No. That is the best thing about MailOrderProcessing. You do not have to worry about warehousing the products, packaging, shipping or inventory management. All this is taken care for you so you can focus on generating traffic to your store and to sell the products.
Upon signing up with mailorderprocessing – you will receive a password and code to login into your own account; Logging into your account will enable you to control all your order activities. All account access is IP restricted and we will need your static IP before giving you access to our encrypted network.
Once you sign up your account, you will have secure access of the mailorderprocessing backend interface. You can see the product information and images. Let us know the products in which you interested and we will provide you the images along with the product information.

Sell high demand products on your online store: Choose from thousands of our catalog’s high demand products from various niches such as acne, beauty, skin care, asthma and many more.

List products as your own: mailorderprocessing gives you the products descriptions, images, and recommended selling prices for your online store. Set your margins and invite buyers. No minimum product orders from mailorderprocessing or upfront payments for the listed products

Generate sales and collect payments: Sell mailorderprocessing products on your site and get paid directly from your costumers. mailorderprocessing helps you earn up to 70% profit on your sales as you set your margins between your cost and selling price.

Upload sales to your mailorderprocessing account: Simply upload all your orders using Excel or CSV. mailorderprocessing team receives your orders immediately and starts filling the order.

We deliver directly to your customers: mailorderprocessing takes care of the shipping and handling on all your orders. You can then track the orders through your tracking website.

Sell More: The more you sell, the more profit you make.

Selling high demand products without actually stocking or shipping products. Never worrying about an item not selling. You only pay for what you sell. Access to the hottest name brand products from our huge inventory catalog to sell on your store.

Risk-free online business creation and management. Focusing on the important stuff that you do best: Generating traffic and sales.

mailorderprocessing allow you to add high demand products from our extensive catalog to sell at your store, ship the orders directly to customers all over the world, and help increase your profits an excellent solution for people with existing stores anywhere online and those of you looking to break into the eCommerce market. We propose you to download products from the hundreds of bestselling products from a variety of niches with affordable prices to choose from our catalog. We have teamed up with some of the best suppliers worldwide in order to create an attractive line of products, thousands of products ranging from Skin Care, Acne, Asthma and more are offered for you directly on mailorderprocessing. We at mailorderprocessing believe that you are the key for our successful business so we offer you to earn up to 70% commission on each sale!

Orders and Shipments

We do ship from New Delhi, India.
At the moment we do not provide private or white label logo branded packaging.
Our catalog contains thousands of products from various niches and brands. Packages will contain the key information required for delivery, customer details, shipping address, etc. Some Brands will arrive with their original brand logo name packaging
No, we do not sell in bulk. You have to place the orders of your clients and we will ship to them directly. is proud to offer you Free Shipping on all orders above US$150. If the order value is less than US$1500, flat shipping charges of US$12.50 would be applicable.

Each order will be shipped only to a single shipping address. If you want the shipments at multiple addresses, you need to place multiple orders. If the customer places multiple orders within two days, we might merge orders and ship them together.

We use India Post to ship the orders. The average delivery time is 10-15 days.

mailorderprocessing is committed to preserving your customer’s personal privacy. Our online ordering system is using latest Secured Encryption Technologies and all personal information will be submitted using high level technical security (128 bit SSL) with all reasonable precautions.
We are sorry but we do not accept returns
Regulations vary and it is therefore the responsibility of the customer to check the local related laws and regulations.
You may cancel the order provided the cancellation request is delivered before the order is shipped. The cancellation request shall be sent by e-mail to:
You can track the orders through your postal service, we provide tracking numbers and basic order data along with the tracking information by mail.
Simply upload all your orders using Excel or CSV. The orders of your customers are directly forwarded to mailorderprocessing and then to the supplier through consolidated purchasing. This way mailorderprocessing saves you all the hassle by taking care of the shipping & handling procedure – and making sure that the supplier sends the order to the customer’s satisfaction. You then track the orders through your postal account.